Embracing remote work is the final piece of the puzzle

Photo by Maria Leonardi — Goodnow Mountain, Newcomb, NY

8 AM — I had 30 minutes to jump on a Webex. It was a brusque, chilly summer morning in Long Lake, New York. I hopped in the car and drove 15 minutes down the dirt logging road where our home resides and another 5 to get to the local community center.

With free high-speed internet and electrical outlets, the open-air, covered pavilion had become my go-to for days filled with meetings.

While it’s empty most days, it’s not hard to imagine this pavilion overlooking the beautiful Adirondack mountains bustling with remote workers in a co-working-type of setup.

Long Lake…

No longer exclusive to freelancers, remote work will create systemic change in our society

Photo by Maria Leonardi (author)

Have you ever looked out the distant window from your cubical on a dreary, cold, rainy day, scrolling through the latest digital nomad Instagram accounts, dreaming about leaving the tethers of your office life behind?

I sure have.

It’s hard not to when the pictures are gorgeous, the sun is shining, and life seems so easy.

What we see today on social media is a reality for some that seems out of reach to most of society.

The thing is, it’s no longer a privilege reserved for freelancers. It is still a privilege, but one that traditional office workers can…

Employees deserve the choice and employers stand to gain. It’s time to embrace the next normal and reinvent office culture.

Image by Roadlight from Pixabay

2020 thrust our entire world into flux, including traditional office cultural norms that demand workers report to a specific office in a specific location from 9–5 (often longer) every Monday through Friday, no matter how detrimental to a person’s health, wellbeing, relationships, or productivity. Out of necessity, companies all over the world masterfully pivoted to allow for remote work, and for the most part, it’s gone pretty well with 73% of executives saying the transition was a success and 69%…

Define your own vision and stay true to yourself

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

You’ve done it, you finally took the plunge and hit publish on your first article.

You’re ready to become the next Jessica Wildfire, Zulie Rane, or Tim Denning so you read up on how to get reads and make money on Medium.

What’s this? You can also make money by funneling readers to other offerings like online classes? All I have to do is publish something, anything, every day? Let’s do this!

Hold up. Wait just one minute.

The people above (and others here on Medium) hustled to get where they are. They’re great writers, saw a unique opportunity, and…

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

Photo by Julia Rebecca Photography; Josh, Kate, Justin, Maria (author)

He’s a half-smile. He’s a knowing look. Sauntering confidence and pride. The good-hearted man is roughhousing with a boy. The boy is as good as his brother. He’s love, friendship, and loyalty.

He is reassurance in the face of anything. Brotherhood above all else. Sisterhood above that.

The strongest person in the world.

Josh is gone. He was 33.

Experience the best of Hawai’i Island while traveling with pono and aloha

Mauna Lani Resort (photo by author)

March 11, 2020, the day the world stood still. 1 year later with vaccines in full swing, people are itching to get away — to take a vacation instead of a staycation.

What better place to take your first post-covid trip than Hawai’i?

Said everyone.

In the last 6 months, I’ve received more requests for Hawai’i Island itineraries than I have in my entire life. When people found out I had moved here after 20+ years of visiting, the requests only increased.

Since this trend goes beyond my circle of friends and family, I thought I’d share a 6-day itinerary…

The remote work revolution is here to stay — leverage this movement to build a more resilient, regenerative economy

Photo by Maria Leonardi (author) — Long Lake, NY

Picture this:

You just finished a taxing project. It’s 3 PM. You still want to get a few more things done, but it’s time to relocate and get a breath of fresh air. So you take your laptop to the cafe and set yourself up.

It’s a beautiful day. Instead of making your final work push in an office cubicle where your brain slowly stops functioning, you’re basking in the rays at the foot of a gorgeous, forested mountainside alongside other community members who chose this remote, rural location as their home. It’s energizing.

When work is finally done, you…

Follow these strategies to cut through red tape and increase the odds of a successful corporate partnership

Image by Blan-K

You did it. Your startup has finally made it.

Not only did you get a second meeting with the VP, before you parted ways he said “look guys, I’ve seen enough. This is awesome. We’ll get you connected with the right people. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll make sure you don’t waste your time.”

This is the best thing you’ve heard in a while. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster just getting a meeting with a corporation — any corporation.

You try not to get ahead of yourself, but it’s hard not to be excited.

Fast forward 18…

Anecdote | Animal Advocacy

How a hurried departure and a chance encounter saved a tiny soul

Photo by Maria Leonardi (author)

Cary, North Carolina — 8:35 AM. So. Late. I grab my laptop and charger off the kitchen table and race down 3 flights of steps, exposed to the unusual chill of a North Carolina fall morning.

“Oh man, am I going to be late.”

As I turn my car on I realize I forgot my full, delicious, hot mug of coffee. This is not an unusual occurrence, but today I can’t afford to retrieve it. …

This list will keep you up-to-date on Remote Work trends

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

I started La Vita Libera after I could not find a good “home” for some of my articles — all focused on the societal shift that a remote work economy will bring about.

There are plenty of great Medium publications that deal with the freelance economy, digital nomads, travel, and the economy at large, but not that address traditional office and knowledge workers transitioning to a remote work world.

Given the passion and interest that I’ve received from readers globally on this topic, I thought I’d share some articles that I think provide great background and data related to the…

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Remote work champion | Questioning, exploring, and imagining to inspire society to dream big and challenge the status quo 👇 slack.lavitalibera.com

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